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Maintenance methods and skills of childrens educational toys

2021-06-11 10:32:33

Children's toys refer to the ability of children to improve their intelligence in the process of playing toys. The toys include: building blocks, remote control vehicles, puzzle toys, etc. it is said that the human brain with frequent play of toys has a high open thinking ability. In fact, in addition to the development of intelligence, the puzzle toys have more functions. For example, stimulating function development, bright color design, and attractive line of educational toys can stimulate children's vision. Here is a brief introduction to the maintenance techniques of children's puzzle toys.

1. Keep the room clean, try to reduce dust, frequently use clean, dry, soft tools to clean the surface of toys.

2. Avoid long-term sunlight exposure, and keep the inside and outside of the toy dry.

3. When cleaning, necessary measures can be taken according to the size. For the small ones, the parts that are afraid of wear can be stained with adhesive tape, and then directly put into the washing machine to wash, dry, hang in the shade, and pat the toys intermittently to make their fur and fillings fluffy and soft. For large toys, you can find the filling seam, cut the seam, and take out the special part of the filling (nylon cotton). You can not take it (better maintain the appearance) and use the tape to dip the parts that are afraid of wear. Clean and dry the outer skin, then put the filler into the toy skin, reshape and sew.

4. For wool / cloth or dolls equipped with high intelligent electronics, machine core and stereo, before cleaning, electronic components (some are not waterproof) or batteries must be taken out to prevent water damage.

5. After the clean toys are dried, they should be combed with clean comb or similar tools along the direction of the fur to make the fur smooth and beautiful.

6. Check the internal organs of plush toys to see if they are clean and hygienic. Among the substandard fillings, there are waste plastics, fiber ropes, paper scraps, and even black heart cotton, which is banned by the state.

7. Twist the eyes, nose and mouth of plush toys to see if they are solid. If the pull of small parts on toys does not meet the national standards, they are unqualified products.

8. For the sake of health, plush toys should be consumed and cleaned regularly.

9. It is a simple and easy way to sterilize and disinfect. A steam iron with high power can be used to gently and repeatedly iron the fluff, which has a certain effect of sterilization and decontamination.

The maintenance of children's educational toys is very necessary for the sake of children's health. Only when the toys meet the health standards can they be used better.