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What factors should be considered when choosing childrens toys?

2021-06-11 10:42:37

Children's educational toys are common in many families with children. The appropriate children's toys can not only exercise children's thinking ability and hands-on ability, but also increase their understanding of the world and things in the process of their growth. But there are so many children's toys on the market, so it is difficult for parents to judge which toys are more suitable for them. The following small edition will introduce you to the purchase of children's educational toys should consider what factors.

1. When buying toys with small parts, parents can have a try to see if the toys are normal or playable, because some players will have defects or damage within two or three days after they get into the hands of their children. They will not look at them at once, and their parents' money will be wasted. When buying toys, they should consider whether they are resistant to falling and chewing (babies like to chew toys) Washability and other conditions.

2. In the past, toys for 0-3 year olds were not allowed to have sharp corners, so as to avoid the harm of toys to the baby's skin. Now, this requirement is extended to toys for 3-8 year olds, that is, toys for children under 8 years old are not allowed to have sharp corners. In addition to understanding whether the instruction manual is suitable for children's play, the most important thing is the surface of the toy product itself, such as the most typical "sharp corners". Children's skin needs more protection. Because of this, the toy design and toy production process are very strict; But parents still have to touch the whole toy with their hands to check whether there are sharp corners.

3. Product quality: chemical raw materials and electric children's cars generally speaking, the paint color used by toys always contains chemical materials, such as lead and other toxic heavy metals and non-ferrous metals in the paint, which will cause certain harm to human body. The toys with colorful surface are actually all paints or paints. Please note that yellow toys have higher lead content than other toys. The new specification stipulates that the lead content of each kilogram of paint is reduced from 250 mg to 90 mg. Toys with colorful surface are actually used with paint or paint.