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The common fabric difference of textile toys

2021-06-11 10:39:23

Textile technology toys common fabric differences, I believe we will have a certain help! If you have anything you want to know, you can have a look here.


The flannel refers to the cotton fabric with rich villi after being pulled down. Through the needle hole binding process on the surface of the cloth, there are many fluff, strong stereoscopic sense, high gloss, soft and thick feeling.


Fur refers to the valuable products obtained from tanned, dyed and finished animal skins with fur. Also known as fur. Fur is composed of fur and skin plate, and its value is mainly determined by fur. The leather plate of fur is flexible, and the coat is loose, bright, beautiful, warm and durable. It is used to make clothes, shawls, hats, collars, gloves, cushions, tapestries and toys.


A kind of textile, which is made of silk or synthetic fiber, man-made fiber, staple fiber, etc., and pure or interwoven with silk or man-made fiber. In ancient times, silk was a textile made of silk (mainly mulberry silk, but also a small amount of tussah silk and cassava silk). Due to the expansion of textile raw materials in modern times, all textiles woven with man-made or natural filament can be called generalized silk. The silk woven by pure mulberry silk is also called "real silk".

Silk satin

Generally, it is silk fabric, and the basic weave is plain fabric. Silk fabrics include twill fabrics, satin fabrics and other ordinary fabrics, as well as special crepe fabrics, velvet fabrics and leno fabrics. But now there are also some chemical fibers made into silk like fabrics, also known as silk satin.