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DIY toys can develop childrens brain. Lets DIY!

2021-06-11 10:50:02

There are many small things in our life that we can make by ourselves, such as the use of old things, waste transformation, etc. are excellent choices. This article will not tell you how to make DIY toys, because these must be the raw materials that we need to buy. We can make a simple photo frame with Xiaobian randomly according to the materials we have at home! Can put their own beautiful photos Oh!

Frame DIY production process:

1. Preparation materials: cardboard, color cardboard, double-sided tape, cutter, scissors, ruler, pigment pen. Cardboard can be used to make the packaging box of goods, it can be the packaging box of milk or gift, etc.

2. Cut a rectangular cardboard with an art knife, draw the inner frame of the photo frame with a watercolor pen, cut off the inner surface with an art knife, and use a ruler to measure the length and width of the photo frame.

3. When cutting, press the required part under the ruler, so as to avoid the blade scratching the required part of the cardboard.

4. You can cut a piece of cloth and stick it on the back of the frame with double-sided adhesive tape. This will make the frame look more delicate. You can also use the pigment pen to make personalized graffiti on the frame. It's supposed to be the only work.

5. Then cut two pieces of rectangular cardboard to make the back support of the photo frame.

6. Stick the support plate on the back of the frame, and the frame is finished.

If you have a baby friend at home, you may as well try it with your baby. I believe it will be a good experience. DIY toys, textile toys, etc. can also be made according to what you have at home!