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Children snatch toys from each other parents need correct guidance

2021-06-11 10:55:04

Nowadays, there are a lot of toys for children. They almost regard their toys as private. If children come to take their toys, they always want to get them back like hens protecting calves. If parents and friends see this scene, how to guide their children correctly is the key point, instead of using violence to push other children away, There was a news before that one parent picked up another child and threw it out because of children's scramble for toys, which led to a slight concussion. This kind of behavior is wrong. In such a case, parents must be wise and guide them correctly.

Usually, children will cry if they don't get the toys they want. Adults can say in a calm voice, "we have to learn to wait!" It can also divert the child's attention and use other toys to attract him to leave temporarily. When children are not willing to share, adults should never say that they are "stingy", "stingy" and so on, and constantly label children with such labels. They will never learn to share.

Only when the child knows that he has autonomy over his own goods can he talk about sharing. If adults force their children's toys to other children out of face, it means that you tell your children that they can also rob other people's toys, so in any case, the rules must be unified. Normally, after the age of three, when a child learns that the toy is given to others, he can still get it back, so he is happy to share it. Before the age of three, do not rush to cultivate children's selfless quality.

These aspects are all parents should see and understand. The problems between children must be correctly guided, and they cannot be biased to one side, causing other children to be injured, because children will also learn how parents look. In fact, parents can choose educational toys when buying toys for their children.