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Collection of professional terms in plush toy industry

2021-06-11 11:36:58

What is it called

Plush toys are collectively referred to as plush toys, but for different plush toy manufacturers, the names of plush toys with different processes are different, including plush dolls, plush dolls, plush dolls, stuffed toys, stuffed animal toys, stuffed dolls, soft toys, stuffed dolls, cloth dolls, etc.

Material Science

Nowadays, the commonly used fabrics in the plush toy industry are called crystal super soft, long plush, short plush, etc. for some categories of materials, some special terms will be used, such as:

Plush height - refers to the thickness or height of the yarn or fur on the back.

Plush density and gram weight - the density of plush is the key to the occurrence of hair loss, and the gram weight varies with the density of plush.

Man made fiber - usually used to make artificial fur, to make plush toys, or to fill plush toys.

Filler - a material used to fill a toy, usually artificial fiber, cotton, straw, kapok, plastic particles, or beans.


Crystal eyes, flocked nose - customized for more realistic effect of plush toys.


Tag - a label attached to a toy, on which the toy's manufacturing location, company logo, address and other information are displayed.

Woven label -- a kind of cloth label attached to toys, on which there is information such as brand identification of toys.