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Daily more common Rubiks cube toys

2021-06-13 10:19:52

When it comes to puzzle toys, many parents think of puzzles, Qiaoban, magic square and other toys! Actually, these are all puzzle toys, but this is played with older children. The Magic Party is not foreign. In fact, it can be said to have originated in China. At that time, we called this magic square. It was also called magic square with Huarong Dao and independent diamond chess, and it was also called the incredible miracle in the field of intelligent games, So let's listen to the children's toy manufacturers to introduce this kind of magic cube toy to you!

Center block (6 pieces)

The center block is connected with the central axis, but can rotate freely in the direction of the axis.

The surface of the center block is square, and the structure is a little cuboid, but the inner side of the cuboid is not a plane, and there is a cylinder connected to the central axis in the center.

From the side, there will be an arc shaped groove on the inside of the center block. After combination, the groove on the center block and the edge block can form a circle. When rotated, the edge and corner blocks slide along the grooves.

Edges (12 pieces)

The surface of the edge block is two squares, and the structure is similar to a cuboid protruding from one side of the cube, so that the edge block can be embedded between two central blocks.

The arc on the surface of the cuboid is the same as that on the center block, and it can slide along the center block. There are missing corners on the inside of the cube. After combination, the grooves on the center block and the edge block can form a circle. When rotating, the edge block and corner block will slide along the groove. In addition, the missing corner is also used to fix the corner block.

Corner block (8 pieces)

The surface of the corner block is three squares, the structure is similar to a small cube, protruding from one side of the cube, so that the corner block can be embedded between the three edge blocks. Like the edge block, the surface of the small cube has radian, which can make the corner block rotate along the groove.

Central axis (1 piece)

It is used to support the block and the support shaft needed to rotate the block.

Do you know something about it? This is the introduction to the structure of Rubik's cube. Different Rubik's cube plays differently, and it also plays differently according to age. It can be said that Rubik's cube is a kind of toy that exercises people's brain. Did you play this kind of Rubik's cube when you were a child?