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Introduce toys played by babies at different stages

2021-06-11 11:17:08

It's every child's nature to love playing with toys. With the improvement of living standards, the toys our babies play with have changed a lot. Now almost all mothers play with children's educational toys for their babies, which can not only satisfy their interests, but also help their intellectual development, The following children's toy manufacturers to introduce different stages of children's toy selection.

Choice of toys for children aged 0-6 months:

In order to promote sensory development, choose toys that can be seen, heard, touched, grasped and bitten for your baby.

Toys that can be grasped, such as ringing bells, can promote the baby's upper limb motor skills.

Often let the baby look in the mirror, so that the baby better understand themselves.

Choice of toys for children aged 7-12 months:

Ball, through the hand push ball, let the baby chase, exercise the baby's grasp ability, crawling ability.

Building blocks, not easy to tear books, can exercise the baby's cognitive and practical ability.

Small cart, exercise baby walk.

Voice toys, click on the sound, let the baby know the causal relationship.

Choice of toys for children aged 1-2:

Toys that can be pushed and pulled to exercise children's overall motor coordination ability.

A variety of cars, kitchen tools, toys and vegetables, exercise children's hands-on operation, imitation and sports ability.

Musical instruments and dance videos, let children listen to, follow the video dance, exercise the baby's imitation ability, and cultivate children's interest in music and dance.

Prepare paper and pen for children, let children draw according to their own imagination, exercise hands-on and imagination.

Simple jigsaw puzzle, let the baby according to the shape, color and size of "assembly", develop intelligence at the same time exercise hands-on ability.

Choice of toys for children aged 2-3:

Children's car, at this time can basically drive "car", through their own control can drive fast, slow. If you put your favorite toys on your "car" and take them out for a ride, it can not only make children have fun, but also open their intelligence. You can also choose children's pedaling to exercise their foot strength and coordination ability, so as to prepare for learning to ride a bicycle.

Use the Sketchpad to write and draw, pinch rubber people, play origami aircraft, frogs, etc., to promote the coordination ability of hands-on eye movement and stimulate creativity.

The physical intellectual books and toys can understand the essential differences of the real things through touch and cognition.

Suitable fruit toys and building blocks can develop children's perception, coordination, motor and brain skills.

Books with storylines, role play, and develop a sense of responsibility for your baby.

Understand the functions of various animals, people and vehicles for various purposes.

Choice of toys for children aged 4-6:

Chess, intelligence toys, open up thinking, exercise reasoning, analytical ability.

Transportation, medical care, tools toys, learning practical operation ability, simulating real life, and cultivating social responsibility.

Digital calculation books or toys, alphabetic map, story books, etc., exercise thinking ability through recognition and reading.

Disassembling toys: exercise hands-on ability and thinking ability.

The toys for babies from zero to six years old are in the article, so mothers can choose children's educational toys according to their babies' current stage. Only children's educational toys suitable for their babies' age can have value and significance.