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What problems should children pay attention to in early education?

2021-06-11 11:21:11

Many children's early education toys can bring good effects on improving their intelligence. However, for many parents, they don't know much about choosing educational toys and often buy bad ones. However, they have been working hard for their children's early education. They want their children to be on the starting line at the beginning, In fact, there are many aspects in the process of children's early education that parents and friends need to pay attention to. Listen to the children's toy manufacturers tell us about these matters!

1. The appropriate stimulation time should be selected for the scientific and reasonable stimulation of infants. The appropriate amount of stimulation, the appropriate speed of stimulation and the balance between various stimuli should be taken into account to prevent the adverse effects of stimulation of premature, excessive, over speed and imbalance.

2. Malnutrition is harmful to the growth and brain development of infants, but there are no ready-made learning and memory molecules to make people smart, and there are no "smart" nutritional additives.

3. Children's emotional development is more important than IQ development. Practicing musical instruments since childhood, the coordination of fingers and the stimulation of music can also stimulate the development of cerebellum and cerebral hemisphere at the same time, causing slight structural changes in the brain.

The quality of parents and caregivers is the primary condition of good early education. Demanding, impatient, compulsory or malignant to infants will only bring psychological trauma to infants. After all, the early development is a double-edged sword. We must be cautious and prudent, moderate and appropriate, recognize individual differences, and make the best use of the situation.