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How to deal with the remaining fabric for making textile toys?

2021-06-13 10:37:44

We don't need to introduce too much about the fun of textile craft toys, and parents and friends will like this kind of toys more, because it has better protection, because it is made of cloth, but there are sharp points, so it won't be hurt. However, how to deal with the remaining cloth after the production of textile craft toys like this? Let's hear how Yuqing does it!

1. Waste cloth generally has the following three kinds of materials:

A. Polyester cotton. Cotton and polyester mixed fabric, can be used to do filling, etc., the price is moderate.

B. Polyester. It is made of chemical materials, which is not very widely used, low in price and low in reuse rate.

C. All cotton. All of them are made of cotton. They are expensive and useful.

2. Waste cloth can be used for different purposes according to different materials and colors

A. It can be used to fill other toys and clothes.

B. After splicing, it can be made into other crafts.

C. Can be used to process into cotton, spinning into yarn, that is, once again generated cotton yarn.

3. Generally, each fabric processing plant has a special purchase of waste cloth on a regular basis. According to the different materials, the price is about 1000 ~ 2000 yuan per ton.

So after our introduction, do you know something? From many aspects, different product values are different, so the direction we use will also be different. If DIY is required to make toys manually and textile technology toys are ordered, please contact us by phone!