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The improvement of intelligence is not only about learning

2021-06-13 10:43:32

Children's toy manufacturer is a manufacturer that produces all kinds of educational toys suitable for children's play. We also have some research on children's willpower. In fact, many children's educational improvement is not only based on learning, but also based on entertainment. This is what many schools are engaged in now. It also shows that learning is not just a way to improve children's intellectual ability, Many educational toys also play a great role. At the same time, there are two aspects that can make children's intelligence develop well. Let's follow the children's toy manufacturers to learn about it!

1. Music, many toys with music, is a good way for parents to choose.

(1) Music improves children's EQ

In the human brain, the left brain controls the ability of logic and action, while the right brain controls the ability of emotion and thinking. Generally speaking, the left brain is more used in daily life and study, and there is little chance to exercise the right brain.

Therefore, many people have high IQ, but they know nothing about emotion. The emotion and melody expressed by music need the right brain to analyze, which gives the right brain the opportunity to exercise and develop. Music can also regulate children's emotions, so children who listen to music for a long time have higher Eq.

(2) Music promotes brain development in children

In daily life, it is not difficult to find that children with high intelligence level have a common characteristic, they all like to listen to and enjoy music.

Scientific research found that when people listen to music, the brain is in a state of high speed. The right brain in the brain is responsible for experiencing melody, while the left is responsible for understanding music. So the left and right brain cooperate at the same time, which is very beneficial to the development of brain potential.

2. Exercise, daily regular exercise, let the child's physical and mental development.

(1) Sports make people study and work better

When people are tired and bored, they tend to be careless and inattentive. At this time, some exercises can make the brain rejuvenate and concentrate. Sports make people better learners and workers.

Exercise ability is related to people's intelligence and creativity. When lack of exercise, there will be less connections between neurons in the human body, and people's learning and working efficiency will also be reduced, eventually leading to slow brain development.

(2) Exercise promotes the metabolism of the brain

When people are at rest, there is very little blood flowing to the brain in the body; When people are exercising, the blood flow rate of the whole body will be accelerated, and in order to give the correct instructions, a lot of blood will flow to the brain.

When the blood flow of the brain increases, it will promote the metabolism of the brain, producing gray matter and white matter. These two substances can greatly improve children's attention and thinking ability.

These two aspects are very good, and music can also edify sentiment, which is why many prenatal education like to play music to children. At the same time, exercise can also strengthen the body, so that children have a good physique. The same puzzle toys produced by puzzle toy manufacturers can let children develop their brains when they play. If you like, order them!